Welcome to Pika-Network's Webstore Two!

On this webstore you will find packages for RP Prison, OPSkyblock and Creative. The other server packages may be found on our Webstore One


Welcome to the official PikaNetwork server store! You can purchase amazing perks and features here to boost your gameplay on the network. We offer a variety of features for our donators on almost all the servers. Donations received from players are used to enchance the server's performance and help construct new gameplays and updates continously. In addition to helping the server, you are also gaining unique perks on the servers you play on the most.

We try to provide our players with the best support service possible, therefore, we have various means for contacting our staff members. If at any time you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact our team at www.pika-network.net/support-tickets and we will try our best to respond shortly and provide you with the needed assistance. Another way of reaching a staff member is through our public discord at www.discord.gg/VrM7BGj or our teamspeak at ts3.pikacraft.eu. Please keep in mind that any purchases may take a while to reach your ingame account; if your purchase isnt redeemed ingame in 10-15 minutes, make sure to contact us.



Pika-Network has a strict no-refunds policy unless explicitly stated by a member of management. Charging back will automatically ban you from all BuyCraft stores, including ours. Charging back is fraud and we will submit it to chargebacker's local authorities in the chargebacker's home area as well as the FBI's internet crime division.


PikaNetwork is not in any way affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Microsoft Corporation. Minecraft is © and trademark Mojang AB 2009-2016.